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connecting our community

While most of our services are delivered online, we recognise the power and importance of bringing our community together to make friends, enjoy cultural exchange and share food. Follow us on social media to hear about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.

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cooking classes

'COB in the Kitchen' is our monthly online cooking club, delivered online by someone from our community. 


Anyone can join from the comfort of their kitchen. They are an incredible opportunity to learn about another culture and part of the world, through the medium of delicious food and joyful conversation!

In previous classes, we have learnt how to make Syrian, Palestinian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Sudanese food.


Getting creative is a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety and can provide an important, cathartic outlet for processing trauma.

We run art workshops to bring our community together and get creative. In the past, we have run classes online. At present, we are working with our partners at The Launchpad Collective and Enjoolata Foundation on creating the world's largest Welcome Mat, made from recycled materials collected during our beach cleans in Brighton.

These regular art workshops bring together our clients, volunteers and the wider community, for sessions facilitated by an art therapist. Over a year, we will collaboratively create the World's Biggest Welcome Mat - symbolising our warm welcome for sanctuary seekers arriving on our shores!

If you would like to get involved in this project, or have an idea for another artistic workshop we could be running, please get in touch.


We are based in Brighton & Hove, where we benefit from having the ocean on our doorstep.

Part of our Environmental Commitment is to look after the world around us, and for this reason we hold regular beach cleans.

These are also a social activity, bringing volunteers, refugees and the wider community together with a shared purpose - looking after our local area in more ways than one!

Stay in touch on our social media to hear about and get involved in events we have coming up. We would love to see you there.

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