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Alimam has been accessing classes with Conversation Over Borders since we launched. He is currently writing a book, and shared his powerful story with us in a short film available under 'Watch'.


Alimam has supported our efforts from the beginning, and has now joined the Board as a Trustee to bring fresh perspective to what C.O.B. provides and guide our decision-making processes as a charity. 

Alimam Mohammed
Osamah Dhaiban

Osamah has been accessing classes with Conversation Over Borders since May 2020.

He stepped up to become a Trustee at a really exciting point in the charity's growth, to help lead the charity into its future. We are excited to have him on the team, helping to guide the direction of the charity.

Shanze Shah is the Co-Founder and Vice-Chair of the Network of Migration Matters.

Her background is in Law; she holds an LLM and has passed the Barre. She has worked in many different national contexts, including as a Legal Intern with the Goodwill Caravan in Greece.

Shanze shah
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