connections through conversation


Conversation Over Borders started in Brighton, UK during the COVID-19 pandemic, to bring people together in a time of isolation. We have now facilitated thousands of conversation classes between participants across the UK. 


We connect volunteer tutors with asylum seekers and refugees for one-on-one English conversation classes online. This increases confidence in spoken English, builds agency and reduces social isolation. We run group classes, Wellbeing events, socials and workshops to reduce social isolation, educate the public about the situation of asylum seekers in the UK and welcome refugees.



Abstract Background


Conversation Over Borders connects asylum seekers & refugees with volunteer tutors for free one-on-one online English conversation classes. This bridges borders through human connection while helping to build confidence in English speaking.

To learn more or to express interest in volunteering or accessing English classes, please get in touch using the link below.

PLAtforming stories

Conversation Over ​Borders platforms the stories of people from around the world.

We believe that sharing stories allows us to move away from stereotypes and the sensationalisation of the media to show that we have more in common than we do dividing us.

We share stories and news through film, written pieces and our social media channels, available through the links below.

Wellbeing service

We offer a Wellbeing service to our volunteers and service users. This includes weekly 'Tea & Talk' sessions; an informal place to meet other asylum seekers and refugees. 


We offer one-to-one support and referrals, as well as events and socials - including art workshops, yoga, conferences and our fortnightly Wellbeing Magazine.

Interested in volunteering or learning more?

Digital Inclusion scheme

We recognise that the ability to stay in touch with family and friends and accessing our online services has been a lifeline for many throughout the ongoing COVID pandemic.

To this end, we launched our Digital Inclusion Scheme - to ensure as many people can access our services as possible. We collect second-hand phones, tablets and laptops, clean and restore them and send them on to those in need.

If you have tech you would like to donate, please get in touch below:

Who are we?

Conversation Over Borders is a Community Interest Company (CIC). We are a team hundreds strong of volunteers and learners, Coordinators and Content Creators, Teaching Consultants and Wellbeing Officers, headed up by our Board of Advisors and Directors.

We believe in collaborative working at our core and hold pride in our partnerships and relationships with our funders.

To find out more and meet some of the people behind Conversation Over Borders: