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conversation over borders

We believe in bridging borders through conversation.


We bring forcibly displaced people together with the communities around them to build connection, friendship and help them learn from one another.


We campaign through amplifying the voices of people displaced by war and persecution and helping them to share their stories and experiences with the wider public.

We want to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to thrive in their new lives in the UK.

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our vision

We want a society of inclusive communities where forcibly displaced people thrive with equal rights, voices and opportunities.

We strive for this through providing one-to-one online befriending, English classes, refugee-led mental health support and digital inclusion, to tackle social isolation and upskill our community.


We bring together forcibly displaced people with volunteers across the UK to spark cross-cultural dialogue and show that we have more in common than we do separating us.

"Now I feel as if I take a step forward every day. Now I'm starting to feel alive and I'm starting to feel my life has meaning. You may see these things as simple, but we see them as great things that have great value and impact on us.


It heals our wounds and revives hope in our hearts. It makes us forget all the pain and sorrows that we lived in our countries.”

"Conversation Over Borders has given me the chance to make connections with people I never would have otherwise, in a time when meeting new people is almost impossible.


I have loved seeing my partner's English improve over the past eight months - as her confidence improves I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about her culture and experiences which has been such a privilege."

"Hamish isn’t just a teacher for me, but more like a friend. Sometimes for people in my situation it is important when you feel alone to be able to go out or to speak to someone.

For me this was Hamish, and when I didn’t feel like doing the class he would say we can just talk and listened to me."




our values

We commit ourselves to being an inclusive, diverse and anti-racist organisation,  fighting to dismantle systems of oppression internally and through our work.

We are stronger when acting together. Working with others - our community, external stakeholders and partners - is core to the development and delivery of our work.

anti racist

Everyone’s experiences and needs are different. We commit to being person-centred and re-humanising in our approach to supporting individuals in our community.

We stand against injustice where and when we see it. We are courageous in imagining a better future.

We build hope for a better future for all by working with people’s strengths, starting with what is strong, not what is wrong, and recognising that social change is possible when all of us can stand in our power.





Our Values
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other ways to get involved

If you would like to volunteer to support our Digital Inclusion Project, please contact Ily:

If you have other skills and would like to volunteer them to grow our organisation, contact Colette:

English & befriending project

Our English & Befriending Project connects people who have fled conflict and persecution with volunteer tutors in the UK for free one-on-one online English conversation classes. This builds long-term friendships, human connection through language learning and cultural exchange.

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